Boatspeed 1.9.0

The new version gets more out of your tacks. You now have different views of your tracks available and you can understand your travel history more precisely. In addition, labels for the waypoints can be created and important locations such as harbors or anchorages highlighted. There is another improvement in the regatta module. During the countdown, tapping the display causes the displayed time to jump to the next full minute. You can easily synchronize your countdown with the competition management. Get it at :

Boatspeed 1.8.8 released

The new version lets you backup and restore your tracks.  Backup works with a build-in filesystem, SD-card and a cloud storage like google drive. Get it at :

Boatspeed 1.8.7 released

  Release 1.8.7 comes with to following new features: Navigation: 1. You can now enter a target locations coordinates, the position is added to the route. The following patterns are among the supportet formats: 54°22'12" N 007°12'13" E, 54°22'12"N 007°12'13"E, 54°22.12 N 007°12.13 E, 54-22N 007-12E, 54.1234 N 007.1234 E and more. 2. Switch the size of the nautical symbols of the map: Large symbols: Small symbols: The switch is located in the route settings: Sailing: Configure the frequency of speech output: Set the frequency for speed and heading announcements from "off" over 10s 30s 1m 2m 5m to every 15 minutes. Tracking: Now showing weekday-name in the track title. Fixes for Android 10 Tack - export fixed for android 10, you may now choose the  filename and directory. Anchor alert fixed for android 10. Due to system restrictions, the anchor alert view can't be shown automatically when an alert happens. Please press the anchor alert no

Boatspeed 1.8.6

This version comes with some new features: Navigation Edit View The edit - view has been completely refactored. The buttons are gone, you now use tap, long tap and double tap to create and edit routes: Create waypoints by tapping on the map. The app adds it to the route. If you tap next to the route a new waypoint is inserted between the waypoints next to it, otherwise appended to the end of the roude.  You move a waypoint by pointing at it and drag it to it's new location. The route is changed accordingly.  Delete a waypoint by tapping on it. Routes are saved automatically at your device.  GPX Import  Boatspeed now registers for handling gpx tacks and routes, and should be shown as an app for opening these files in the corresponding system-dialog.  The gpx-tracks and routes are shown in the navigation view. For performance reasons the mumber of waypoints to import is limited to 70.  Open to Google Maps If you have Google Maps installed on your device you can now easily open any po

Boatspeed 1.8.5

This is a bugfix release. I'm sorry there was an error in the code and it was not possible to buy the ad-free version which should be fixed now. 

Boatspeed 1.8.4

Boatspeed 1.8.4  comes with a new tracking - handler that consumes less energy  and provides new modes:  Regatta - mode stores your position every 30 seconds, while the distance to the last position must be at least 10 meters. The location is not stored if the accuracy is not alt lease 10 m. By this a lot of data is produced and a lot of battery consumed, so this mode only fits for few hours. It uses the system-tracking handler as before. The ones with the new tracking handler are: Daysail stores your position every 2 minutes while the distance to the last position must be at least 20 meters, as well as the accuracy must be less than 20 m. This mode is suitable if you sail next to the coast and need detailed data. Cruising takes the data every 10 minutes if your position has changed for at least 20 meters. Use this mode if you want just an overview for your trip or if you are sailing far from the coast. Further on  speeded up the routes creation  in navigation we. We  c

Boatspeed 1.8.3

Boatspeed 1.8.3 comes with new features: Achchor alert now shows the anchor area at the map and lets you see where your boat was swimming. You may also test the alert to be sure that it works even when your phone is gone down to sleep. It's now possible to see your distances and speed in miles and miles per hour beside kilometers, kilometer per hour, nautical miles and knots. There is a major bugfix with regatta countdown which now also works when the screen is locked. The screen lock is now automaticly handed over to the alter the countdown following regatta view. The map's open street map libraries were updated to osmdroid 6.1.4. And night mode is also a little smarter now. For more information pleas visit our wiki  and get the latest version at :