Boatspeed Release 1.7.4

I published Boatspeed 1.7.4 with some bug fixes and enhancements.  The version is coming with a new database format which allows some new features.

Database upgrade 

Your track database is migrated automatically to the new format without any data loss. In the unlikely case of problems please let me know.

With the new database, we now track the boats heeling, which is also exported to csv and gpx data.  It is also shown at the maps marker bubbles, but only if you switch on the heeling view at sailing or navigation view. Ok, that's not very intuitive and I promise to refactor the UI in one of the coming releases.

Thanks to the new database you can now undo some map waypoint editings. But if you delete the whole track this can't be undone.

Cache location changed

We are also moving the cache of the map tiles to a different location on the device. You can now delete the map-cache without deleting your track data at the same time. To do so use androids feature to clear the app's cache.

Another problem with the cache was, that android's automatic data backup did not work because of the amount of data was too large. In the new location, the map-cache does not count to this quota.

New Feature: Lock Screen 

Screen lock prevents from unwanted app actions for example by water or rain falling at the display. When activated all app-actions are locked and can't execute. Please note that buttons outside the app are still active.

To exit from screen lock bring the app to the background, rotate the device or hit the "back" button.

New Feature: Clock at the Regatta View

We now provide a clock at the regatta view that shows the current time. This should be useful when you plan your start.

After countdown, the app switches to the speed-view as before.

Other enhancements

The version number is shown at the documentation view.

Track export now provides a detailed message if the device is not ready. The track export has been revised because there were error reports when reimporting csv data into Microsoft excel. As far as I see, Boatspeed's csv is correct and works fine when importing it into Google's spreadsheets and open office. So the import still won't work with excel for android.

The anchor - alert now plays the alert tone once when starting.

Thanks for reading and install it from google play