Boatspeed 1.8

We are happy to announce a new boatspeed release that comes with a lot of new features and improvements:

The key feature of the 1.8.0 release is routing. You may now create and edit routes on the map and navigate along.

Create Routes

Create routes by tapping on the map (1). Delete waypoints by hitting the distance marker (2). To move a waypoint just delete it and create a new one at the right position.
Routes are saved automatically at your device. You may want to rename your route (3) or invert (4) it when you go back.
In the route-settings (5) you can adjust the line thickness and font size.
Hit the go!-symbot (6) to start navigation.
Hint: If the map is empty you can start your route from your current location by long tapping at the aim at the map.

Route Navigation

Four displays are available when navigating a route:
  • (1) Your current heading
  • (2) Your current speed
  • (3) Heading to the next waypoint (blue background)
  • (4) Total distance to last waypoint
You can configure this view at the route-settings (5). You may also open the route-settings by long-tap at one of tre display units (1-4).
Above the map the route name and total distance is shown (6).
You may zoom the map as required. Always tap on one of the displays (1-4) to let the map follow your location.
At the bottom your current position is shown (7). You may share it by long tap. The number shows the accuracy of your gps.

Other features and improvements

Beside this we have better help pages and easier configuration.

And lots of small improvements and fixes like

  • switching between different base-maps flavours like openstreetmap, bike and hike and topo,
  • wipe through your tracks,
  • get notified in case of insuffisant gps accuracy,
  • regatta countdown landscape mode now working,
  • fullscreen mode to be switched on / off
  • bugfix if more than 50 tracking days not shown,
  • Tracking markers should not be shown initialls.
Please find the latest version at Google Play
and by the ad-free version to support development if you not already did.
Thanks and good luck.