Boatspeed 1.8.3

Boatspeed 1.8.3 comes with new features:

Achchor alert now shows the anchor area at the map and lets you see where your boat was swimming. You may also test the alert to be sure that it works even when your phone is gone down to sleep.

It's now possible to see your distances and speed in miles and miles per hour beside kilometers, kilometer per hour, nautical miles and knots.

There is a major bugfix with regatta countdown which now also works when the screen is locked. The screen lock is now automaticly handed over to the alter the countdown following regatta view.

The map's open street map libraries were updated to osmdroid 6.1.4. And night mode is also a little smarter now.

For more information pleas visit our wiki  and get the latest version at :


  1. Happy New Year Hans.

    I am a very satisfied user of ( a purchased) Boatspeed app.

    Have a couple of suggestions or requests.

    1. The vocal announcement of speed is very good , but could it be adjusted? I think it announces every 30 or 45 seconds now which is good for racing but for cruising it is too often.
    Could it be adjustable to announce speed every minute or 3 minutes?

    2. Could the boat course (ahead) be announced?
    If you are sailing with a windvane or sheet to tiller self steering rig, an announcement every 5 minutes or so of your course would be very useful.

    I understand having speed announcements and course announcements activated at the same time could be confusing so maybe different voices for each function.

    Please keep up the good work and I hope your business will be more successful in 2020.

    All the bast from Japan.
    Gary Malmgren

    1. Hi Gary, thanks for your feedback. This looks like a good idea to me, Ill try to implement it and publish it with one of the upcoming releases.

      good luck


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