Boatspeed 1.8.4

Boatspeed 1.8.4  comes with a new tracking - handler that consumes less energy  and provides new modes: 

- mode stores your position every 30 seconds, while the distance to the last position must be at least 10 meters. The location is not stored if the accuracy is not alt lease 10 m. By this a lot of data is produced and a lot of battery consumed, so this mode only fits for few hours. It uses the system-tracking handler as before. The ones with the new tracking handler are:

Daysail stores your position every 2 minutes while the distance to the last position must be at least 20 meters, as well as the accuracy must be less than 20 m. This mode is suitable if you sail next to the coast and need detailed data.

Cruising takes the data every 10 minutes if your position has changed for at least 20 meters. Use this mode if you want just an overview for your trip or if you are sailing far from the coast.

Further on  speeded up the routes creation  in navigation we. We  configured the url for hike and bike map and fix possible crash when testing anchor alert and more.

For more information please visit our wiki .

Enjoy and get the latest version at :