Boatspeed 1.8.7 released

 Release 1.8.7 comes with to following new features:

1. You can now enter a target locations coordinates, the position is added to the route.

The following patterns are among the supportet formats:

  • 54°22'12" N 007°12'13" E,
  • 54°22'12"N 007°12'13"E,
  • 54°22.12 N 007°12.13 E,
  • 54-22N 007-12E,
  • 54.1234 N 007.1234 E

and more.

2. Switch the size of the nautical symbols of the map:

Large symbols:

Small symbols:

The switch is located in the route settings:


Configure the frequency of speech output:

Set the frequency for speed and heading announcements from "off" over 10s 30s 1m 2m 5m to every 15 minutes.


Now showing weekday-name in the track title.

Fixes for Android 10

Tack - export fixed for android 10,

you may now choose the  filename and directory.

Anchor alert fixed for android 10.

Due to system restrictions, the anchor alert view can't be shown automatically when an alert happens. Please press the anchor alert notification to bring it to the front and stop the alert.

Enjoy and get the latest version at :


  1. Please consider adding speed to audible tone. It would make me a better sailor and be good for blind people too. Even better if you could set the speed range for your 'octave' say 4-7 kts for my boat. You could then make sail adjustments and 'hear' that it worked. I'd love that!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Your right that one must not hear the borrin announcement "speed zero knots, speed zero knots" all the time when the boat is not moving, I'll fix that. Your first point - having some kind of emphasis in the speech as I understood - seems to be a little bit difficult to make but also to understand for the one who uses the app. Do you have a example how this could work?
      Thanks for your comment and greetings.


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