Boatspeed 1.12.1 With Location Search


For the navigation view boatspeed comes with several enhancements:


You may now search for towns and regions by name, thanks to the Nominatim search service by open street map (c). Just enter a word and boatspeed tries to find a location for it. The service only works when you're online.

Navigation Search

Of cause it's still possible to enter geocoordinates, with it a bunch of new formates are now understood. For example you may simply enter like 53.1 13.4. If a location is found, the map scrolls to it, but it is no longer added automatically to your route.


You may now share the position of a marker by long pressing the infowindow. Like before you may still share any position at the map by long pressing on it.



We have a bugfix for the night mode: All icons should now also be red - at least at most of the newer devices ;-)

The wind angel is now provided in 5 degrees steps insead of 10 degrees before.

Sailing comes with a new display, the depth which is you angel to the wind. So for now we have: heeling, vmg (velocity made good), heading, depth and your speed. All values are shown as provided by the sensors of your phone.

Component SailingFor all the Sailing View's features and to learn how to configure the wind direction visit the Sailing Views help page.